We never thought we would have a child with Down syndrome. We never knew what this syndrome was. But when it happened, we realized that it is difficult for children with this syndrome. Difficult, but not impossible. Difficult to accept and understand. But when you explain, when they see them up close, that they also want to play, dance, be with friends – you can see that they are not scary. It is difficult – they can speak, write and read, but when efforts are made and specialists work with them, a miracle happens.

As parents of a child with Down syndrome, these challenges have shown us that more activities and efforts are needed so that such “special” children can receive care tailored to their characteristics and develop the potential they hide within themselves.

This naturally gradually led to the idea of ​​creating the “Everyone Can” Club. The club gathers specialists and activities that contribute to the development of children, their parents and the formation of a community that cooperates and is useful.

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