by Nadezhda Todorova


We are Vyara, Nadezhda and Borislav – a happy Bulgarian family. Faith is our dream come true, our miracle and immeasurable happiness ❤ It rose in our lives 6 years ago, turned it upside down and since then shines brightly with beauty, charm, stubbornness and unique individuality …

From the moment we realized that the baby we were expecting would have Down syndrome, we promised ourselves that the syndrome would not be an obstacle, but an incentive to develop and learn together. We have accepted that Faith is different, as each of us is different, and its specifics are no excuse to stand idly by and go with the flow, hidden behind the diagnosis. We decided to raise and educate her, taking into account her individuality and taking into account her pace, but without staring at the syndrome as an excuse for an action or inaction …

Since then, we have read countless things, consulted with various specialists and learned a lot about Down syndrome. We keep learning step by step, we try, we make mistakes and we keep trying. We believe that knowledge is power, but it is important how we use it and how much we apply it.

Today Vyara is a wonderful child with her own opinion and a radiant smile. She loves to cook, dance, climb, run, paint and many other things. Helps at home with laundry, serving and cleaning. He goes to kindergarten willingly and has friends with whom he gets along and plays. And yes, difficulties are part of our daily lives, but they are not insurmountable. We accept them as challenges that help us grow and develop together with her, to learn patience and to discover new opportunities …

What our daughter shows and proves to us every day is that with patience, perseverance, love and timely support, every child can achieve many things, regardless of the objective and subjective limitations with which he was born.

Our role as parents is to believe and act.

Nadezhda Todorova
CEO and Founder

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