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by Nadezhda Todorova

We sincerely believe that with the appropriate and timely support and the necessary efforts every child with Down syndrome can develop their potential and have a happy and fulfilling life here in Bulgaria.

We believe that everything comes from the family. We believe that when parents and relatives truly accept their child with Down syndrome, they do not hide it, bring it up and treat it adequately, stimulate it to develop, expect and require it to be an equal member of the family with their rights and responsibilities, then simply put and society will see it as such.

That is why at the core of our work is to support, motivate and inspire parents of children with Down syndrome and professionals who work with them to believe in these children, to support them and demand more from them, not to lower expectations to their capabilities, justifying the syndrome. However, this does not mean wearing pink glasses and pretending that there are no objective and / or subjective restrictions, but to approach each child with Down syndrome individually, taking into account his strengths and weaknesses, not to stare only at what he cannot do, but to emphasize and develop the things he succeeds in and loves to do. This applies to every child, by the way, although it is even more true for children with Down syndrome.

The UP WITH DOWN Foundation was born as a natural consequence of everything we had gained as experience, knowledge and actions over the past 5 years since we became parents of Faith. After Faith was born, the main priority and mission of our life became through her qualities, skills and experience to contribute to her and children like her to have a happy and fulfilling life here in Bulgaria.

As parents of a child with Down syndrome, we can boldly and responsibly say that they have great potential and a real opportunity to develop and integrate into society. Our daughter constantly shows us and proves that it is difficult to be born different, but as long as there is someone who loves you and believes in you, with patience, perseverance and appropriate support you can develop your potential and achieve a lot, while it’s just being yourself – the way you are. This motivates us to follow this path and to act purposefully for this cause.

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